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mochaHOTmonth: Women At Risk – Day #13

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About 80% of women in prostitution have been the victim of rape.

A woman from Women at Risk shares her story…

“I am one of 9 children to parents who were farmers. My father was a violent man who often beat my mother. At age 10, all of my siblings suddenly died of chickenpox. One morning, I found my mother hanging lifeless in our home after committing suicide. Life after that became unbearable. At 15, I ran away from the farm and began working as a housemaid. After working for 5 years, a friend told me I could make much more money if I worked in prostitution like herself. So, that night, I followed her to a club. Because I was a virgin, the club owners placed me up for auction and then the highest bidder raped me. I moved from night club to night club for the next 9 years. Pregnant from a customer, I gave birth to a son, but the hardest part was finding out I had contracted HIV and my son had heart complications. When I heard about Women at Risk, I immediately enrolled into the program. I so want to receive training that will give me an employable skill and get healthcare for my son so he can thrive.”

Stay tuned each day this month and learn how we are supporting vulnerable women in Africa as a part of our holistic approach to community development. Tweet and follow along >> #mochaHOTmonth .

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