Mochaterns Week 3

Hey Guys!

We are already into our third week here at the Mocha Club and more and more its feeling like home. This week we have updated our Pintrest, chatted with and updated Mocha Club-ers information online, and imported raw footage from Africa trips. The CMA festival is also going on this week, sooo “Hello” cowboy hats, cowboy boots, celebrities, and traffic! Some of the other interns and I might venture down to Broadway for the chance to hear some live country music!

We have had a couple of meetings this week and it has been such a great experience as an intern. Here at the Mocha Club, being an intern is not about getting coffee to whomever needs it; it’s about being part a of a team. Not only do we get to sit in on the majority of meetings but our staff actually wants to hear our insight. I am learning a lot about the ins and outs of a non-profit and about the kind of office environment that I want to be in one day. I am in awe that our staff gets to come to work and do this everyday. They get to delve into social media, brainstorm ideas about merchandise, collaborate with Christian artists, and ultimately coordinate with others to help change lives in Africa.

Thanks for reading everyone!



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