Mochaterns Week 5

Happy first day of summer, Mocha Clubbers! We interns decided what better way to ring in the summer season then to give this new Instagram video feature a try! In honor of our boss Fallon’s birthday this week and her undying love for John Mayer we decided to use his latest video as our inspiration. Be sure to prance over to The Mocha Club Instagram to check out Alie’s acting debut!

Musicians Corner

Musicians Corner

Anna continues to win over our members on the phone with her sweet southern charm. Her logical, accounting-oriented brain keeps us all organized and her Tennessee accent and signature Anna sayings (or “southernisms” as we’ve coined them around the office) keep us all laughing.

Alie and I have gotten to explore a few more local Nashville destinations this past week. Last Saturday we checked out Musicians Corner at Centennial Park and despite some inevitable sunburn we loved being able to hang out and hear some great musicians for free!  Last night we decided to dodge the raindrops to see Life of Pi as part of the Movies in the Park series at Elmington Park. The story was gripping and the cinematography was astounding, we both would definitely suggest the film for the experience alone. Finally I got to check an item off my personal Nashville bucket list this week by going to Las Paletas. Take any preconceived notions of prepackaged popsicles you may have and throw them out the window because this place was incredible!


Even with all this fun we’ve been working hard around the office, organizing our online databases, working to promote Purpose Projects, and preparing for the Story Conference. There is a lot of things going on around The Mocha Club to be excited about, so be sure to keep your eyes open for that! Thanks for being a part of all this with us, and keep checking back for our weekly updates!

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