4 questions with Everton, Founder of Lizulu Orphan Care [Part 1]


4 Questions with Everton from Lizulu, Part 1:

Q: What is the current status of the clean water solution at the Lizulu Orphan Care Project?
A: “We are happy to share that we now have a full water supply to the main centre of the project. Although the project faced difficulties to be implemented and completed, finally the project has succeeded and safe and potable water is flowing down to the centre, and the challenges encountered are just history. We are also selling surplus to the people renting in three nearby houses and to the local Secondary School. We are pumping the water using solar energy. WE PRAISE GOD FOR THIS!!!!!!”

Q: What are some of the ways that the Lizulu Orphan Care Project plans on utilizing the new water solution?
“We have embarked on food production (maize) to help reduce costs of some of the food items for the Project. Another reason is to equip the children with different techniques and skills for food production so that in the future they can use and benefit from them especially when they will become independent. We also grow beans. The maize has yet to be harvested.

The Project is also developing a program of giving children food, like the maize, to take home so that they have food at home to eat before they go to bed (supper). This food distribution will occur during the time of year when most households in the villages experience food shortages.”

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