FROM THE FIELD, Women at Risk

From Runaway to Redeemed: Meet Fekerete

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What Brought Fekerete to Women at Risk:

I am one of nine children to parents who were farmers. My father was a violent man who often beat my mother. At age 10, all of my siblings suddenly died of chickenpox. One morning, I found my mother hanging lifeless in our home after committing suicide. Life after that became unbearable. At 15, I ran away from the farm and began working as a housemaid. After working for 5 years, a friend told me I could make much more money if I worked in prostitution like herself. So, that night, I followed her to a club. Because I was a virgin, the club owners placed me up for auction and then the highest bidder raped me. I moved from night club to night club for the next nine years. Pregnant from a customer, I gave birth to a son, but the hardest part was finding out I had contracted HIV and my son had heart complications. When I heard about Women at Risk, I immediately enrolled into the program.

Fekerete is participating in food preparation classes through the skills training program and plans to open a cafe after graduation. She is learning how to budget and manage money after becoming dependent on a daily income from her former life on the streets. She says, “the morning prayer and Bible studies have been especially nice for me, as well as the other ladies here. I now understand that God has redeemed me. I have no words to express my happiness. I praise God every day for the opportunity He gave me through Women at Risk and Mocha Club.”

Ladies like Fekerete are able to discover dignity in a new life thanks to the support of Mocha Club members.

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