Summer Mochaterns: Trips, Twitter, and Tours!

I’ll refrain from being too cliché here but can you believe this summer is almost over? It’s certainly been flying by here in Nashville and Alie, Christina, Anna and I are all gearing up to head back to school in a few weeks. But fear not fellow Mocha followers, Fallon has started interviewing for the fall interns and after meeting a few of the candidates, I have no doubt that we are passing the torch into more than capable hands.
There is definitely an air of excitement and busyness around the office as the Mocha Club is getting ready for some big things coming this fall, which you all should definitely be getting excited for! This morning we were able to sit in on a meeting finalizing details and discussing plans for the BlogABLE trip that is leaving for Ethiopia 2 weeks from today! If you don’t know about that yet you’re going to want to check it out!

This week we also had the incredible opportunity to meet with the Director of Digital Marketing at Word/Warner Music. Social media and digital marketing is such a rapidly growing and important field in nearly every industry, so it was super helpful to be able to gain some insight from an expert in the field. With some of our new basic knowledge on social media and marketing we are currently working on some proposals to help improve our online partnerships and visibility with our artist sponsors.

Speaking of artists, a lot of our favorite MC artists are gearing up for fall tours so we’ve gotten the pleasure of meeting with a few of them recently to discuss taking Mocha Club on the road. Be sure to look for us out and about this fall with Ellie Holcomb, Annie Downs, and Matt Wertz just to name a few.

Thanks for keeping up with our adventures and being a part of all MC is doing in Africa! We’ll check in with you guys again next week!

– Emily

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