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HEKO - the Mocha Club Sept 2013

Mrs. Merceline is a nutritionist at HEKO who ministers to those infected with HIV/AIDS in the Kibera slum of Nairobi. At the end of June, she conducted a study and recorded the following progress. We are excited to share these findings about the progress at HEKO:

40% of those that we worked with between April and June 2013 had improved stabilized weight and body mass index as a result of nutrition and therapeutic food products.

35% of those that we worked with reported reduction in frequency and severity of symptoms of opportunistic infections as a result of health and nutrition education.

57% of those that we worked with are responding to positive living behavior change as a result of psycho-spiritual and social support services on a personal basis.

60% of those that we worked with show an indication of interest in physical activities, such as sports and recreation as part of behavioral change activity.


Despite enormous progress made so far by HEKO among the infected households, challenges are still far from over.

The rate of infection remains unacceptably high, and there are major differences in the risk of infection faced by different population groups. HEKO continues to seek innovative ways to minister to the infected/affected communities surrounding the facility as well as financial opportunity and sustainable solutions for their patients. Thank you for supporting this important work with us.

Kibera, Kenya

Kibera, Kenya

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