Continuing the INA Conversation.

It’s been an amazing month sharing the “I need Africa” (INA) story. We conversed with creatives at STORY in Chicago and mingled with moms at Influence in Indianapolis. We’ve teamed up with bloggers around the country who are helping us start a new conversation about Africa… a continent longing for partnership, not pity.  Hundreds of you have joined us in giving up the cost of a few mochas a month to support a project area that stirs your heart.


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But let’s not stop here.

If you haven’t  joined the club yet, giving as little as $9 a month really can have an impact. Oh, and you get to pick a super cool product, too.


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Already a member? Don’t forget you can invite your friends to join your team! And when they join? You both get an INA 2.0 product. win. win.


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We’d love to hear how you are starting a new conversation about Africa. Share on social media with #ineedafrica and/or send us a photo of you rockin’ your new INA products!

Let’s continue to reveal the truth that Africa, with all its need, has much to give and teach us.


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