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Mocha Club + Lindsay Letters

We cannot be more excited for this collaboration with the oh-so-lovely Lindsay Letters. Lindsay uniquely hand-letters and illustrates each of her designs and when we had the vision of turning some of the “I need Africa” (INA) story into prints, we knew she was the gal for the job. Lindsay not only brings ridiculous talent, but also immense heart and passion into her work. We are so grateful for the way her lovely lettering brought these words to life…

Lindsay Letters I need Africa  Mocha Club print

1st was the phrase that has become the heart behind all that we do: “I need Africa more than Africa needs me”.  Barrett (Mocha Club’s founder), while living in Ethiopia in 2008, had the thought of “I need Africa more than Africa needs me” keeping him awake, and he had to put this feeling into words… read the entire story.

Lindsay Letters Peace INA Mocha Club Print

Then, with the launch of INA 2.0, we decided to pull out some quotes from the story to highlight as themes. The first theme is PEACE:  “Possessions in my hand will never be as valuable as peace in my heart”.  This quote was printed on the inside of the Pocket Tee, and promoted with the first round of INA products.

Lindsay Letters LOVE is Sovereign Mocha Club INA print

The second theme is LOVE: “Love is Sovereign”.  This is printed on the inside of the Pocket Tote (as well as on some other new products we’ve launched for the holidays!) and is being promoted with this second round of INA products.

>> We are offering these 5×7 prints in the new APARTMENT section of the Mocha Club store, available for $8 each, or $25 for all 3!

Lindsay Letters Mocha Club INA Print Set

( thanks to Christine of {declare} photography for the photos! )

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