Why Mocha Club? Member Spotlight : Meet Jessica.

 Member Spotlights is a way to introduce the Mocha Club community to one another and to share our individual stories that brought us to support Africa together.

Meet Jessica.


What can I do to give back? is a question that is always on my mind.  I feel incredibly blessed and want to always remember others who have different lives and cultures that may not be as giving or as loved as the one that I’m used to.  In fact, I’m incredibly impressed with Mocha Club’s goal of offering a variety of ways for people to help, wherever you are in life with whatever amount one may have to give.

I’m committed to praying and supporting the beautiful women of Ethiopia under the Economic Freedom program.  These women have amazing stories and I’m feel connected to them in so many ways, just by seeing their videos and hearing their stories.  At my concerts, I tell people about the fashionABLE scarves and give folks an opportunity to buy one at my merch table.  Not only do the scarves act as a beautiful accessory to any outfit, the scarf can act as a reminder to pray for these women as they continue to grow stronger on their journey.  I’m blessed to be able to tell my audiences about Mocha Club & Live fashionABLE and hope to spread some positivity back into this world!

Jessica is also one of our Artist Sponsors. Read more about how you can partner with her  to support Women at Risk!

member since: September 2013
supports: Women at Risk

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