2013 Year-End Update: Orphan Care.


Throughout the year we have shared updates like the testimony of a resilient grandmother who is able to care for her orphaned grandchildren better thanks to the Mocha Club, introduced the story of a young girl, who through the loving environment made possible through Mocha Club members, exclaimed that she has learned she is “fearfully and wonderfully made!” We checked in with our friend, Everton, from the Lizulu Orphan Care Solution and asked that he look back and note some of the most important ways Mocha Club members have impacted the orphan community in Lizulu, Malawai in 2013.

“I am glad to say that we are thankful to God for what is happening in the project. This year we have taken care of 500 children across six different centers! The children are looking happy and healthy because of the feeding program that we have implemented in the project. The program, which gives a variety of nutritious foods throughout the week, has also directly reduced the number of cases of sicknesses across the centers. We are currently working on kitchen construction, which is progressing well, a roof has been put up and they are finishing the floor. We hope we shall be able to use it by mid or end of next month.”

Everton also shared that he is seeing children invest in themselves as well as give back to the orphanage after they have graduated. Recently, the children in the program started their own choir which is singing in a nearby church and a graduate, who is now a computer technician, is helping the Orphanage work on their local marketing.

We are always encouraged to hear of an increase in the number of children being loved, as well as that these children are thriving in a way that causes them to reinvest in their community. None of this is possible without Mocha Club members’ heart for orphans throughout Africa… THANK YOU!

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