Year-End 2013 Update: Clean Water.



In late 2012, New Dawn Education Centre reported that the rain water catchment system that was put in place as part of the “greening” efforts (making the most of the local environment), was broken due to heavy rains. The lack of clean water not only affected students who rely on the system for drinking water and for watering gardens while at school, but also impacted the local community which has access to the system. Without it, they would have to walk long distances for clean water. Earlier this year, Mocha Club and New Dawn was able to partner with the local community and fix the piping to the system. This was a success in both the repair and also the ability to collectively work with the community to work together for a fix.

Mid-year, however, we learned that weather had again broken the system and the community is working together to find the best long-term solution.  Mocha Club Members are having a direct impact in this community in providing the opportunity to pursue the right solution that will, once again, bring clean water to this community.

Meanwhile, in Malawi, both the solar water pump at Lizulu and the piping system at Adziwa seem to be working wonderfully, providing water to both the Orphan projects we work with, as well as the surrounding community.

We are also currently in some exciting conversations with African graduates of  our parent company, African Leadership’s, Applied Education, who have identified a need for wells in Sierra Leone. We are discussing unique ways that Mocha Club can help address the desire for clean water solutions in their community. We’ll keep you in the loop as this develops!


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