Year-End 2013 Update: Education.



New Dawn Education Centre, which sits in the slum community of Huruma near Nairobi, Kenya, continued to grow in 2013 in its reach of offering an unparalleled education and innovative opportunities to the young people of the area. In January, through a partnership with Worldreader, students were given a new, entirely digital, library. 60 e-readers, loaded with 100 books each, were supplied to supplement the existing traditional library. The real excitement for the students, far surpassing the fun of new technology, was that the e-readers make available countless books that would never have been previously accessible. The platform also attempts to make available local, African authors and poets as well.

Logically, you might be wondering..”so, how are they going to charge all those e-readers?” In April, through a solar energy partner in the States, New Dawn outfitted one of its building with solar panels. The panels aim to greatly decrease or even eliminate the cost of energy for many years to come for the school.  Along with the recent creation of gardens and alternative fuel solutions, the panels were another amazing example of the innovation and “greening” occuring at New Dawn.

This year New Dawn celebrated 36 seniors (locally called, “Form 4”) graduating from the school. These graduates pour into the local community and share the learnings of their years at New Dawn.

New Dawn shared that they “continue to praise and thank God for all the overwhelming and continued support (they) have received from (their) supporters.” Through the support of Mocha Club members, New Dawn continues to strive to fill the gap that poverty, disillusionment and hopelessness leaves in the lives of the residents of Huruma Village and its surrounding area… THANK YOU!


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