Year-End 2013 Update: Health Care


One of our favorite things about working with our partner, HEKO, out of the Kibera Slum, near Nairobi, Kenya, is the amount of creativity and innovation they provide to their community in addressing the issue of HIV/AIDS. Peter and his wife, Monica, who started HEKO, continue to find both needs in the community and holes in government provision, where they can step in and offer something unique for those struggling to live with the disease. Throughout the year, we’ve spotlighted some of the stories that have come out of this innovation, like nutrition classes and opportunities for physical activity. We checked in with Peter to find out what he saw as some of the most exciting things that happened at HEKO in 2013.

Peter shared, “HEKO has worked with many different groups on different activities throughout 2013.  However, I want to highlight our work with the adolescents and young people…mainly the disadvantaged groups due to the impact of HIV/AIDS.  We have focused on drug and alcohol addiction, orphans and vulnerable young people.

Our work with this group has revealed that the adolescents and young people are missing information they need most.  They cannot protect themselves because they do not know the facts about HIV/AIDS transmission and on how they can prevent it.  I praise God for using HEKO to engage these vulnerable groups in sports and life skills training to help improve their lifestyle through activities.  HEKO’s work with young people on life skills education has revealed that it is a key strategy in the management and prevention of HIV/AIDS.”

Mocha Club is proud to support and partner with men and women like Peter and Monica who are always seeking new ways to make a real difference in the lives of vulnerable communities. …THANK YOU for joining with us!


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