Why Ethiopia?

We could give you tons of reasons why we think you should travel to Ethiopia this summer with us and see just how giving up the cost of a few mochas a month really does make a big impact. But why take our word for it when there are tons of Mocha Club members that can tell you themselves…

Ethiopia - Julia

Love is more than giving money; love is taking the time to get involved. It’s going and seeing the hardships that are being endured and overcome. It’s raising awareness in our families, communities and throughout the nation about the realities of life for people stuck in poverty.” – Julia (read more on her guest blog)

Ethiopia - Travis

“This is why I can walk away from this experience with hope. I can do something to help these children. I can be their voice. Even if I never see them again, I know that our lives are forever intertwined. Their stories must be heard, and I am the one to tell them.” – Travis (read more on his guest blog)

“Last year, Africa changed me. It became so much more than I ever thought it would. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it challenged me. I found a piece of myself there – a part of my heart. I found my faith.” – Carrie (read more on her guest blog)

Ethiopia  - Lauren

“I once heard a saying that goes like this: “If everyone took care of everyone, everyone would be taken care of.” I like the sound of that.”  – Lauren (read more on her guest blog)

“Ethiopia changed my life. Not only that, but sharing the experience with an amazing team of new friends changed my life as well. Together, it feels like we have left half of our hearts in Ethiopia. Our common bond is our love for Africa.” – Beth (read more on her guest blog)

Ethiopia - Rachel

“It is important to LOVE and HELP people. That is what Jesus did and He set the example for all of man. You become close to God when you help the poor, and that is a main point I have learned on this trip. There is nothing like it when you go out and see the true state of humanity. …..Though they need us, I have learned that I needed them more than anything… “ – Rachel (read more on her guest blog)

Are you convinced yet?  Contact us: trips(at) to get more info & an application.
Applications & deposits are due Friday, February 7!

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