Mochatern Monday/Spring 2014/Our First Blog

Well hello! Sarah and Sam here (the Spring 2014 Mochaterns) bringing you our very first “Mochatern Monday” blog! Hooray! We’ve been here for about 2 weeks now and we are loving it! Here are our top 5 reasons (so far) that we LOVE interning with The Mocha Club!

1. On our first day, they brought in Chick-Fil-A for our orientation lunch, so we knew that this internship was for us! We also got to pick out a fashionABLE scarf and a lovely INA 2.0 Tshirt. So Chick Fil A, scarves, and Tshirts. Yes please!

2. We have a staff devotional time/check-in every Wednesday and every workday begins with staff prayer.

3. We get to talk about Africa ALL THE TIME! And the only thing we love as much as being in Africa is getting to talk about the amazing things that God is doing through The Mocha Club’s projects in Africa!

4. We mailed out invitations to a benefit coming up here in Nashville and we discovered that there is a machine that will lick and stick envelopes for you! Minds blown!

5. We have counted merchandise, we have updated The Mocha Club member list, we have filled gift bags, and several other tasks that could sound mundane, but are not because we know that everything we do is helping accomplish God’s mission through The Mocha Club in Africa.

With the past two weeks having been so very awesome, we are super excited to see the rest of the fun that awaits us in the upcoming months. There’s The Mocha Club experience 2.0 coming up next month with Char and a special guest! And because we get cool insider intern information, we already know who the special guest is, and trust us, you should be excited!

Also, we just started selling the Miriam Designs JOY Necklace. It’s beautiful and everyone needs one. Side note, the girl modeling the necklace in the picture is eating an ice cream cone that looks really delicious. So basically after you get the necklace, you clearly also need an ice cream cone.

Lastly, one of The Mocha Club Artist Sponsors, Dave Barnes, has a new album, Golden Days, coming out on January 28th!! You can, and most definitely should, preorder it!

Well that’s all for now! Thanks for reading and keeping up with all of our Mochatern adventures. Stay tuned!

Sarah and Sam

Friday Funday Crepes!

Did we mention we do a “Friday Funday”? Last week was crepes. Yum.

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