Mochatern Monday: 02.03

Hey guys!! Hope you had a great weekend!!

We just wanted to give a quick update on what we’ve been working on this past week. We want you to feel included on all of the exciting things we’re doing here, as if you’re here with us! So, feel free to comment and ask anything you’d like to know more about!

Last Monday, Sarah and I took an inventory of all of our awesome Mocha Club products! It’s such a great feeling to count all of these products and know that they will all, eventually, be sold  to help out people in Africa. And these are some seriously great products! I want them all!!

On Wednesday we had a GREAT devotional from Kate. She talked about Matthew 6:25-34; about how we shouldn’t be anxious about our lives or anything that we’re dealing with in our lives, but to constantly trust God. It was wonderful and it came at the perfect time!

We headed over to our fashionABLE scarves storage unit on Friday to count and organize all of the scarves we have stored over there. It was a long and cold day, but we finished and we had a blast doing it! There were SO many scarves! Each scarf includes a little note from the women that make them telling how this has impacted her life. It was so cool getting to read all of these notes from these women!

Here’s a picture of part of the scarves from Friday!


And here’s a picture of one of our volunteers, Jenna, and I standing in front of the packed storage unit after we were finished. (Not pictured is Fallon, our fearless leader!)


We had a great week this week and can’t wait for many more to come!!

Until next time!
Sam (and Sarah)

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