Live Chat with Char + Wertz in Africa!

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We hope you’ve been keeping up with CHAR + WERTZ as they’re making their way around Africa on the Mocha Club Experience 2.0!  They’ve spent the last few days in Ethiopia and are flying to Malawi today.  After a few days there, they’ll head to Kenya this weekend to wrap up the trip.

Their last night in Kenya, on Monday, March 3, Char + Wertz will be online for a LIVE twitter chat to answer any questions you have about their 10 day experience.  It’ll be 9pm for the guys in Nairobi, but it’ll be around lunchtime for us here in the states:
( 10am pacific / 11am mountain // 12noon central // 1pm eastern )
You can follow along on twitter with the #mochaclubexp hashtag, or just head over to our chat page which makes it even easier:

Ask Char ( @charbeckshoots ) + Matt ( @mattwertz ) any questions about Africa, the Mocha Club projects, how they’re surviving 6 flights in 10 days, anything you want! Just make sure you use the #mochaclubexp hashtag in your tweet.

Everybody who tweets a question is eligible to win the sweet items below (we’ll pick a winner every 10 minutes!)  And, word on the street is there will be a special one-day-only discount code for the Mocha Club store announced during the chat as well!

So cancel any other lunch plans you may have next Monday and we’ll see you online!


>> Follow the #mochaclubexp hashtag during the LIVE TWITTER CHAT w/ @charbeckshoots & @mattwertz on Mon 3/3 using

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