Mochatern Monday: 03.03 – Exciting Changes & Opportunities!

Good morning everyone! 
First thing — don’t forget that the Twitter Chat w/ CHAR + WERTZ is TODAY!

This past week was crazy, as we’ve been moving into the new office! It’s taken some hard work, but with the help of all of our staff, a few awesome volunteers, and a lot of pizza, the move was quick and painless!

Check out some of the guys rockin’ our Mocha Club sweatshirts below!  (psssst – there are still a few of ’em left in the Mocha Club store if you want to grab one for yourself!)

photo 1

By the way,  I am currently writing this blog post from the new office!  The new space has a great open floor plan and such a cool feel to it. We even have this wood pallet wall at the entrance that is so unique and creative!

photo 2

We’re almost all unpacked, all of our new IKEA desks are assembled, and we’re getting back into our normal routine.

photo 3

Also, don’t forget to apply to be a 2014 Summer intern! This internship is such an amazing experience. I’ve learned so much and it’s only been a couple of months! Also, the staff here at the Mocha Club (and African Leadership) are such fun and passionate people to work with. I highly recommend applying to be an intern… Again, the dates for this summer are May 12 – August 8 and applications are due Friday March 14th!  You can go here for more details & how to apply!

Thanks for reading along and sharing all of our mochatern experiences with us!

Until next week! God bless!
Samantha and Sarah

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