Making the Coffee Scarf…

We showed you in last week’s #mochaclubexp Webisode the exclusive scarf we’ve created along with fashionABLE… handmade in Ethiopia with our partner Ellilta Products, and dyed with Ethiopian coffee!

Here’s a little step-by-step of the process…

mocha club coffee scarf 1

Matt trying to learn the weaving process on the looms (we’ll leave that up to the women from now on!)

Mocha Club coffee scarf coffee making

Meanwhile, the coffee beans are roasted & ground by hand.

Mocha Club coffee scarf 3

Then the finished scarves are soaked in big tubs of coffee

Mocha Club coffee scarf 2

Mocha Club coffee scarf 4

After being dyed for about an hour, they’re rinsed and hung on the line to dry…

mocha club coffee fashionABLE scarf

…and you get the soft, beautiful, finished product!
(because of the inconsistency of dying with coffee there are 2 shades of this scarf — “light roast” & “dark roast”!!)

You can get the scarf for $30 in the Mocha Club Store, or get it for FREE by joining (or inviting a friend to join) Mocha Club as a monthly member!

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