Mochatern Monday 04.07 – OVER HALFWAY!

Good morning! Happy Mochatern Monday! It’s over halfway through Sarah and Sam’s time interning with us at the Mocha Club so we thought it would be fun to give them a little interview on their time with us so far:

1.      What projects are you most proud to be a part of?

Sam: I love being a part of all of our projects here at the Mocha Club, but the project that I have been most proud to be a part of would have to be the Mocha Club Experience. It’s been awesome to see the impact Africa makes on us and how much of an impact we make on Africa.

Sarah: I have really enjoyed getting to help with all of the events that The Mocha Club/African Leadership puts on. I think my favorite so far was a benefit we had with the Fabulous Friends for Africa. We got to dance the night away and help check people out at the silent auction. It was a great event and it all benefited Africa. It doesn’t get better than that!

2.      What has been the biggest surprise? 

Sam: How fun, down-to-earth and passionate the staff here at the Mocha Club and African Leadership are. I’ve had so much fun working with all of these awesome people!

Sarah: I think the biggest surprise has been what an easy going work environment we have. The people that work here all have a lot going on, but everyone seems to be peaceful and joyful despite the stress!

3.      In one word, describe the other interns. 

Sam: Passionate. Sarah is so passionate about everything that she does with the Mocha Club. It’s admirable!

Sarah: The first word that comes to my mind when I think of Samantha is servant’s-heart. Yes I  know, that’s two words, but I hyphenated it, so it doesn’t count. Sam has a very willing spirit and  always steps up to help no matter what is asked of her. She’s great!

4.      What’s playing in your headphones when you work?

Sam: This very moment I’m listening to “Found a Heart” by Emily Hearn. Ever since she came in the office to play a couple of songs for us I’ve been hooked!

Sarah: I am usually listening to one of my awesome Pandora stations. My favorite stations include the ones based off of Ben Rector, “September” by Earth Wind and Fire, and my Disney stations. I also listen to a lot of Andy Stanley, David Platt, Mark Batterson, Louie Giglio, etc. I may have a slight podcast addiction.

5.      What’s something you haven’t gotten to do and hope to do before the internship is over?

Sam: I would love to be involved in more artist events! We had the Mocha Club Experience Live convo with Matt Wertz last week, which was awesome.

Sarah: Go to Africa to visit all of the Mocha Club/African Leadership projects that I’ve heard so much about! (But, that’s probably not gonna happen in the next 6 weeks!)

6.      What has been the coolest part of the internship so far? 

Sam: It’s just been so great to be involved in helping make such a HUGE impact in Africa. I love being able to do little things, but knowing how much it helps the whole system of impacting Africa.

Sarah: The coolest part about the internship so far has been to hear about all of the work that is being done in Africa and to see the amazing results that all of the donors and staff here are able to create.

7.      Favorite Friday Funday memory so far?  

Sam: That’s so hard, they’ve all been so fun! If I had to choose though, I would choose the time we went to get bundt cakes at Nothing Bundt Cake. None of us had ever been there before so it was an adventure for us all! And they were SO good. I want one now!

Sarah: My favorite Friday Funday has been when we all went to a crepe/coffee joint in town called The Perch. We got to sit and chat for a bit and eat some really delicious food! Good company + good food= GREAT Friday Funday!


We are so grateful for our interns each season… thanks Sam & Sarah for serving Africa with us this Spring!

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