#KenyaMocha Trip : POSTPONED.

After careful and intentional consideration, the #KenyaMocha team will not be traveling to Kenya next week.

As you may or may not have heard, the past couple weeks have seen an increase in violence in key Kenyan cities, including Nairobi, the team’s destination. On Friday, May 16, a twin bombing in Nairobi heightened ongoing international security concerns.  Fortunately,  New Dawn is located in the Huruma slum outside Nairobi. The school is near the U.S. Embassy, U.N., and several other well protected and respected locations and there seems to be no direct threat to the school or nearby grounds. However, as the safety of each team member is importance to us, we’ve decided it is in everyone’s best interest to postpone the trip.

This was not an easy decision to make. We have kept a close eye on the events unfolding this week in and around Nairobi, as well as maintained constant communication with partners on the ground. Following the State Department’s release of a travel warning and honest discussion between all team members, the team collectively decided to remain in the United States and pursue the trip at a later time.

The purpose of the trip, however, is not deterred. The New Dawn Educational Centre in the Huruma slum is still an important, inspiring, and essential part of Nairobi’s future — and we want to make known the incredible leaders, teachers, and students that continue to meet there each day.  We fully believe this week allows us to still celebrate the students and teachers at New Dawn from the United States. We are committed to traveling to New Dawn when conditions permit in the future. We look forward to sharing with you the impact Mocha Club members like you have made at New Dawn – thank you for continuing to support this extraordinary project!

 In the meantime, please stay tuned as we convene with the #KenyaMocha team and continue to share about New Dawn and discover opportunities to support the incredible work being done.


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