In case you missed it: #KenyaMocha live stream available!

Thank you to all who joined the #KenyaMocha live stream yesterday – we had a great time!  Whether you were tuning in online via twitter or stopping by the office to be a part of the action, we are so thankful for your time to hear the hearts of our team members while they share their passion for New Dawn, education, and the Mocha Club.


In case you missed it – the live stream broadcast is available to watch now!  Listen in while Annie, Lindsay, Jessi, and Lizzie answer how they became part of the #KenyaMocha team, why they started blogging, and why they feel like they need Africa?  We laughed, we cried, and we had a great time so go check it out!



Over the broadcast, we encouraged viewers to join us in supporting Mocha Club and New Dawn by giving up a few mochas a month. A school can only grow and flourish when there is a dedicated and supportive staff on hand. The amazing teachers are what make New Dawn the beacon of hope that it is to the local community. Without these teachers, the school simply can not operate. Currently, while much of the school is making ground-breaking advancements, funds for the incredible staff is it’s greatest need. We want to support these teachers and continue the big impact they have on the students of New Dawn.  If just 31 of us gave $18 a month, we could provide 1 teacher with the necessary funds they need to continue to teaching for one year.


In Kenya, a teacher’s average salary is $6500; compare this to an average salary of a teacher in the States at $55,000.  For our New Dawn teachers, it’s more than the salary; it’s the lives that they are impacting everyday through education.

There’s still time to JOIN and receive these free exclusive items!

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