Our Country Directors : Meet Leonard.

Mocha Club works under the parent organization African Leadership , who invests in Africa’s servant leaders in communities all over the continent.  African Leadership educates and empowers these leaders with tools to strategize and meet the needs of their communities.  We currently have 15 country directors in 17 different countries working to make these changes happen. We want our Mocha Club community to become familiar with these partners over in Africa.


Meet Leonard.


leonard chipangano

Leonard is our Malawi country director. He felt God call him into ministry in    the late ’90s. After graduating from Zambezi College of Ministry, Leonard planted churches in a Muslim-dominated area of Malawi for six years. He then began teaching for African Leadership before becoming Country Director in 2012.

Leonard is the driving force behind Common Grounds Malawi. He works tirelessly to fuse the work his pastors do inside the church with the work they do outside the church. “It is bridging the big gap between trained ministers and the majority of untrained ministers, changing the affairs of the Malawi Church,” he says. Leonard sees Common Grounds at work through his student, Pastor Mtendere. Before his African Leadership education, he was just a church elder. Now graduated, “God has used him mightily to impact the lives in his community. Now he is a pastor.And he leads a Pastor’s Fellowship where different churches come together for worship and counseling. He is transforming his community.


Mocha Club and members like you support these needs through your monthly contributions for clean water, education, health care, orphan care, and economic freedom.

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