Sierra Leone taps into sustainable water solution

In our last update we shared a little bit about how we approach community development a little differently. Our goal in the development of a community is to create something alongside people that we love and respect, honoring their individual needs and concerns and solving problems with the assets that the community already has. For us, that uniquely looks like empowering community leaders with a newly created handbook and process that leads them through assessing the needs of their community to create sustainable, locally-led projects. We recently had an exciting example of this come our way from a leader in Sierra Leone. Without any Stateside influence or unnecessary “how tos,” we received a fully detailed plan, based on the framework laid out in our handbook, on the need for a clean water solution in the leader’s community. The water well would be self sustainable through revenue generating services and completely built and maintained by the local community! We were so thrilled to receive the plan for this water well, especially considering we, in the US offices, have never spent time “doing” community development in Sierra Leone. The only thing it needed was a one-time donation to get things rolling. And, thanks to the Mocha Club Community giving up their small sacrifices, we were able to make that donation! Celebrate with us the creation of the newest Mocha Club clean water solution in Sierra Leone.

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