Mochatern Monday : 07.28.14

Hi guys! We can’t believe that this is our second to last Monday here at the Mocha Club offices. The past 10 weeks have flown by and somehow we are days away from August! We’ve been a little sentimental this past week and wanted to talk about how much we have loved our work with MC. Here are a few things that we will miss:


Our super welcoming, loving, and inspirational office space and staff that fills it.



The chance to open up our office to welcome friends, old and new, to share about the work we are able to do because of their support.



Getting to send some great merchandise to all of you guys who love Mocha Club as much we do!



Friday Fundays!


These are just a few things that we have loved about being here this summer! Check back in next week to read a final post from us, and until then enjoy the sunshine!

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