New Purpose Project : PikiPiki Safari

Today launches a new Purpose Project for the next month : PikiPiki Safari.  Our very own, Curtis is the Chief Community Officer for Mocha Club and is excited to lend his skills and passion in a whole new way.


 PikiPiki Safari (Pikipiki = Swahili for motorcycle / Safari = a journey)  If he reached his goal, he will take a motorcycle adventure and ride from Nashville, TN to Cherokee, NC, then ride the Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive up to Front Royal, Virginia. Along the way he will be sharing the impact Mocha Club is having in Africa, with individuals, churches and groups of friends.

“I love adventure. My Mom often reminds me that my first word as a baby was, “go” and that is what I’ve done ever since. With a love for travel, new things and a desire to always learn, my wife, Wendy and I have traveled the world and have taken some amazing adventures together.

In 2010 I visited Africa for the first time. Uganda, Dominican Republic of Congo and Rwanda were on the agenda. It is in those places that I saw first hand how not only are their unspeakable tragedies which have occurred in the past, but also current needs and in addition to a joy within people which only Christ can bring. Yes, I saw joy, excitement and hope. 

Upon my return to the US from this first trip there grew an ever-increasing passion to become an advocate for investing in the lives of African’s and also a spark in the grand future of Africa as a whole. This is why I have not only partnered with Mocha Club, it has become my vocation and now, my personal Purpose Project. I cannot sit day by day working to invest in African’s servant leaders without asking my friends, family and acquaintances to do the same.”

His goal is to raise $2,000 to support our community leaders all across the continent; like the Women at Risk program. The Women at Risk program reaches out to these women and comes along side of them, not only to provide counseling but job training and then job opportunities in order to provide for themselves and their family. I’ve seen first hand the results of this program and know it is working. 



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Read more on Curtis’ website and head over to his Purpose Project page to donate what you can! As always, small sacrifices make a big impact, will you help us support these women?

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