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NEW Fall 2014 Interns : meet Courtney + Madeline

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Our new Fall interns are here and we are excited to introduce them to you!

Name : Courtney Lanier

Department: Programs

Hometown: Mobile, AL

University / Year / Major: University of Tennessee at Chattanooga/ 2013/ International Studies & Religion Minor

Favorite place?: The beach. Any beach will do but my favorites are Destin and Cape Town.

Walk up song?: A song would be anything Ben Rector or Maroon 5.

Nashville bucket list?: I’ve lived in Nashville around 12 years now, but I still love finding new places in East Nashville with friends.

How do you take your mocha [coffee]?: I love coffee with milk and sugar, hot or iced.

Guilty pleasure?: I love buying school supplies, even if it’s just for my little sister.

Why are you excited about interning with Mocha Club?: I am so excited to intern here because I can work with something else I’m really passionate about and want to spend my life working at. I can’t wait to be around more people who are excited about the same things I am and learn things I haven’t before. 

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Name: Madeline Harper

Department: Marketing

Hometown: Bryan, Texas

University / Year / Major: Texas A&M University, 2014, University Studies Business Degree (Comm and Art Minors) 

Favorite place?:  My favorite place would be any Young Life camp or any lake!

Walk up song?: You Make My Dreams Come True by Hall & Oates

Nashville bucket list?: To eat at Pharmacy, find a favorite hiking trail, become a “local” at a favorite coffeeshop, go to at least one concert! 

How do you take your mocha [coffee]?: Vanilla Soy Latte or Vanilla Capacino if I’m being a diva. If not then Iced with Vanilla and 1/2&1/2. Obviously I have a coffee problem….

Guilty pleasure?: Ice cream- I can never say no! 

Why are you excited about interning with Mocha Club?: I am thrilled to be interning with Mocha Club. I’m excited about learning the workings of a nonprofit organization and how to use my gifts to serve in creative ways. I know it will be a season of hard work but also one of meeting likeminded people and forming sweet friendships! Plus I get to live in my dream city, so that’s pretty exciting! 

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