Ashley’s “Live Like That” Blog Project

We’ve loved watching people get outside of their comfort zone to make a difference with the Purpose ProjectEach project is about an apprehensive ambition — that thing you’ve been wanting to do but haven’t had a reason or the courage to do so. By adding some purpose & raising money for people in Africa, your goal becomes a little less about you and more about doing something big & fun with your community. Make sure to go check out the currently project happening: PikiPiki Safari Project.

And today, we are excited to announce a new Purpose Project for September: Ashley’s “Live Like That” Blog Project!

Mocha Club

“When I first watched the Mocha Club Experience Webisode on Lizulu Orphan Care, I knew I wanted to do a project for this project area. The video mentions “Children orphaned in the community are not forgotten.  They are, instead, brought into homes in local villages and treated as family members.”  These sentences bring together the heart of any nurturing relationship, full of love.  I grew up in a family full of love, and I see this purpose project as the opportunity to provide that same for Lizulu Orphan Care.  This purpose project is setting out to raise $750, to provide life and care for three orphans.

As the queen of ideas with a major lack in follow through, this purpose project into a combination of ideas. The first being create a blog. I’ve talked about creating a blog, but never do. Follow through fail #1.  The second being create a to do list of things I’ve always wanted to do. You’ve heard about the “25 things before I turn 25″ lists, right? Well, my major birthday marks passed with no list. Follow through fail #2. So, the idea is this:  I’ve created a list of 15 items I want to do, ranging from donating blood to salsa dancing with inspiration by Sidewalk Prophets “Live Like That.”  Now, I’ve already created the blog and need your help to accomplish the rest of the list!  When we raise enought money to support one orphan, I start checking off items from the Live Like That list.  Each orphan supported after that, will lead to additional list items to complete!

I view the Mocha Club as a family, and want this purpose project to be a community of members, working together just like Lizulu.”


Have your own idea? Submit them here or email info(at)themochaclub.org… we’d love to help!

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