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Recently we checked in with our good friends at Women at Risk in Ethiopia. We are so fortunate to regularly hear testimonies of women whose lives are forever changed by the rehabilitation program and through scarf-making opportunities at sister organization, Ellilta. We were curious what other job opportunities are available for women who complete the program and how they identify what job would be the best fit for their skill set. They shared:

“Over the last few months different activities were done with all the women to help them understand what employment is and what employers are looking for in a good employee.  We discussed how to find their talent, how to implement it, and how to have good problem-solving skills. This process of discovery encouraged them in their progress towards successful employment.

In addition, we have a skills training staff that helps each woman identify an appropriate training institute where they can attend. Before each woman made a final decision the skill she would get training in, additional discussions were conducted to talk them through the day-to-day of a job in the chosen field. After a good understanding all women transferred to skill training program.

–  8 women are in food preparation school

–  3 women tailoring school

–  1 woman decided to train as a hair stylist.

–  and 3 women jumped at the opportunity to go directly into a job. One is employed in a factory café as a waitress, one as part of a cleaning staff at a government office, and one as a waitress at a local cafe. They each received a good salary and were very happy to have a new job.

We continue to be in awe of the work being done, walking women from the streets, through rehabilitation and empowered with job skills and renewed hope, through Women in Risk in Ethiopia. Share your passion for this work with a friend.


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