Why Mocha Club? Member Spotlight : meet Michelle.

Member Spotlights is a way to introduce the Mocha Club community to one another and to share our individual stories that brought us to support Africa together.


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The phrase “I need frica more than Africa needs me” became more tangible over thlast two years. I lived on the M/V Africa Mercy, a non-profit hospital ship that provides free surgeries for some of the world’s poorest nations. But while living in Africa, it was not the poverty that impacted me most- it was the strength, the joy and the determination to press on that inspired me. I need Africa to remind me that it is more about what we have on the inside- our God-given strength- than any material possession that will allow us to achieve big dreams. Giving up one mocha at a time.




member since: September 2013

supports: General


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