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Hi Mocha Family! Happy Monday!

This past week at Mocha Club was a special one for me. One of the things that drew me to this organization was how creatively they raise funds for projects and how much joy they receive from working with one another. I got to dive into those two characteristics this week- creativity and joyful community! As a photographer, I love working on concepts from their creation until they turn tangible. I love thinking outside the box and adding new ideas to an old system. This week, I was asked to bring my own experiences and contributions to the table and got the chance to really speak into this organization and the way they do social media! It may seem small compared to the accounting branch or being president of the company, but giving what I had to offer made me feel as though I could add something to Mocha Club that is significant and uniquely mine to give. 

To add to an already cool week, I also got to use my love of photography and capture a photo shoot for an upcoming surprise! Be still my heart, what a week! That’s right, my friends, stay tuned, because in the beginning of October we will have a new merchandise reveal. And let me just say, I’m anxiously anticipating the day when I can purchase my very own…woops-almost gave it away. Just know it’s worth the wait! 


This week has been comprised of everything I love- the idea of creativity in the workplace, the joy found in collaboration, and knowing that everyone has a set of gifts to give. It really challenges me to go above and beyond what I could ordinarily give and push for something extraordinary. Too often it seems that we accept our position and dream only to that level. I am an intern, so I will dream to an intern level. However, that puts so may limitations on innovation! Lean in to your individuality and realize that you have something unique and special to give. When you know what your strengths are, speak up! Whether that be a gift for organization or making a mean cappuccino, this week has shown me that the more personal you make your contributions, the better they will be. So take time to cultivate creativity. Think of something original you can bring to the table. And align your passions with your career! I promise something beautiful will come of it. 

Love and mochas,


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