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We are so thankful to be able to partner with amazing artists from all over to join us in sharing their passion for Mocha Club and the projects they support in Africa.  Today, we hear from Sidewalk Prophets who use their music & influence to share their heart for Education.


It was the end of the school year, and I was 16 years old. I walked into my favorite teacher’s class, Mrs. Kramer, a passionate poet of the English language. All the lights were turned out. On this dreary April shower day, there was just enough sunshine passing through the windows to find my way to my desk. I sat and talked to my buddies. When the bell rang for class I realized that Mrs. Kramer was waiting patiently at her desk. She lit a candle and sat quietly. The class kept talking in the dark, and she waited. After about 5 minutes the chatter died down, and we all sat in silence. Then, Mrs. Kramer spoke. Her words struck a chord in my 16 year-old soul that still reverberates today. She asked, “How will others see you when you leave this place? What will your legacy be?” It was a question I never really thought about at such a young age. A legacy seemed to be something older people worried about, but she served up wisdom then and there, and it literally changed my heart.

 I am a child of a great teacher. My mom taught for 38 years. I studied to be an English teacher in college. Education runs through my blood. Every child, every student, no matter where they are, deserves to have a moment like Mrs. Kramer gave me in their life, a chance to hear true wisdom even all the way in Africa. I believe that with all my inmost being. In Kenya, a womannamed Irene,lived across from one of the nation’s largest slums. Surrounding her was hopelessness and darkness, but she wanted to shine a light in a dark, dark world. She decided to start a school; one that would provide nourishment for body and soul, one that would give children a quality education. It started small, but year after year, she was committed. They couldn’t technically construct a building for the school because the government could evict them for any reason. Instead, she used shipping containers as classrooms. She used what she had to change lives. She had countless obstacles to overcome, but the will of the Lord can’t be stopped. She saw that seed of hope grow into a mighty oak.

Today, the New Dawn School has 160 students. They have clean water stations, a free medical center for students, and a solar powered computer lab. Their students have won national essay contests and receive a quality education dedicated to their founder’s vision: education without the gospel isn’t a true education. In a slum of 4,000 children, hope is rising.

 I have been to Africa. I have stood on the soil and seen the hopelessness. I have felt it in my soul. I watched as families ate their dinner off dirt-covered streets. But… there is a light there that shines brighter than most, and I have seen that joy in the eyes of the children who are given a chance – a chance to know and fall in love with Jesus Christ. That’s our heart and our calling, to give someone across the world a chance to know their Savior.

 We are partnering with the Mocha Club in this effort. Their desire is the same. They believe with a small sacrifice, big change can occur. Mocha Club has people on the ground, in Africa, working alongside the New Dawn School to change not just the lives of 160 kids, but the entire community. We believe that the Mocha Club efforts coupled with the giving hearts of our fans can create our own community dedicated to living a life like Jesus lived, one dedicated to helping the poor and orphaned of the world. With a little sacrifice a huge change can be made. The dream of a Kenyan woman can become a reality. A seed can grow into a mighty oak. A child can have the opportunity to know Christ.

Take a moment and ask yourself today, “What will my legacy be?” It’s my great desire that people would say that I was a man that loved Jesus, a man that left a legacy of love. This day is an opportunity to do just that. Please prayerfully consider joining Sidewalk Prophets, the Mocha Club, and the students of the New Dawn School on a journey to get to know Jesus a little better.


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