Mochatern Monday 10.06.14 : Why intern at Mocha Club?

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It’s your long lost interns, Courtney and Maddy here. We’ve been busy as all get out lately, from traveling and sickness to working hard in the office, these past few weeks have absolutely flown by.  For those of you who are thinking about applying to intern at MC, we have a few reasons why we love it and why you should too!

  1. Free coffee. Enough said. 
  2. The people here are incredible. They take their jobs to a level of excellence that rarely any companies do these days. The employees at Mocha Club care about each others lives in an authentic way. They go above and beyond to be intentional in friendships and make sure that people are not viewed as just assets, but investments. 
  3. You get such an in depth view of what it takes to run a non-profit! There is so much effort and preparation that goes on behind the scenes. It takes dedication, tenacity, and a whole lot of gumption to run a successful non-profit. 
  4. You get to work hands on with donors and members of the Mocha Club. It’s awesome being able to add a personal touch and let people know they are cared for. 
  5. This one time on a Friday, Jack brought the office donuts. And that’s pretty cool. 
  6. We get to serve the church in Africa that is on the rise. We get to be the hands and feet of Jesus and do the daily administrative tasks, all with the knowledge that our efforts here are not in vain. Even on days when we simply call members, we get to go home with the knowledge that it impacts the lives of leaders across the globe who are making direct impacts in their communities. Beyond anything, that is the reason we work here. We believe in the mission of Mocha Club. We believe in the men and women who are tirelessly working in Africa for the sake of social justice, improvement of live, and the Kingdom of Heaven. 

We think working here is pretty rad. If you do an internship, it will be full of hard work and lessons in humility. It will teach you and grow you. But you will ultimately make some incredible friends, some hilarious memories, and a tremendous impact on something worthwhile.

Love and coffee,

Madeline and Courtney

 >> If you are interested in becoming a part of the team at Mocha Club, apply today for our Spring internship!

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