Education to Fight Ebola: What We’re Doing Today

 An empty local market area is seen, as Sierra Leone government enforces a three day lock-down on movement of all people in a attempt to fight the Ebola virus, in Freetown, Sierra Leone (AP Photo/ Michael Duff)


It’s been inescapable over the last several months. Headlines, paranoia, and confusion about Ebola have dominated the media and our own conversations. You may have even wondered how Mocha Club has responded. Recently, we hosted a local event to feature our Sierra Leone country director, Jonathan, and the desire he has for his community as well as the very real battle that lies ahead of them. Those in attendance were amazed by Jonathan’s passion for getting back to his home in Sierra Leone. Fear would not stand in his way. Additionally, together with Jonathan, we were able to present a plan on how Mocha Club can take action against the deadly disease. The overall aim of the action is to prevent and control the spread of the Ebola disease. The specific objective is to promote hygiene and sanitation best practices, including mind-set change on Ebola disease myths, through the distribution of educational flyers and hygiene kits comprising items such as chlorine sanitizers. Also, educational radio station jingles were created and will be broadcast throughout Sierra Leone’s most densely populated districts.

We are so excited to share the first of the radio jingles here:

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