NEW Spring 2015 Mochaterns are here!

It may not feel like Spring in Nashville but our 2015 Spring interns are here and we are so excited to have them this season! Meet Sarah, Taylor, & Annie…

Name: Sarah Roberts 
Nickname:  I have never had one.
Hometown:  Weatherford, TX
University/Year/ Major: Belmont University/ Junior/ Public Relations
Favorite place: I love coffee shops, so probably any coffee shop.
Walk up song: Anything by Switchfoot.
Guilty Pleasure:  Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill. Love those T.V. shows.
How do you take your mocha [coffee]?  Any coffee as long as there is cream and sugar to add.
Nashville Bucket List:  Visit every local coffee shop and go to a show at the Ryman.
Why are you excited about interning with the Mocha Club?  I’m excited to see what it takes to run an organization like Mocha Club and to be a small part of an organization that is making an impact. Plus they are partnered with some awesome artists (Dave Barnes, Matt Wertz and Parachute are my favorite people.)

  Name: Taylor Embry

  Nickname: Tay

  Hometown: Murfreesboro, TN

  University/Year/ Major: Belmont University/         Freshman/ Publishing

  Favorite place: My favorite place is in my bed with   coffee on the bedside table, in comfies, reading the day away with a good book.

  Walk up song: Laura Palmer by Bastille.

  Guilty Pleasure: I definitely jam out to T Swift’s new   CD when driving to the office in the mornings.


How do you take your mocha [coffee]? So, Bongo/Fido has this speciality drink in the summer called Grey Skies and it is AMAZING. Coconut milk, bergamot syrup, espresso, and chocolate shavings sprinkled on top. Coffee heaven.

Nashville Bucket List: Hmm. I would have to say going to The Pharmacy is definitely in the top, next to standing through the night outside Bridgestone to get free CMA tickets.

Why are you excited about interning with the Mocha Club? I am beyond excited to work for Mocha Club because I love what the organization in its entirety stands for. Everyone in the office is sweet and I can tell there is a bond here with all the staff. Its an incredible experience and I’m excited to see what all happens in the span of three to four months!


Name: Annie Pickle

Nickname: Pickle

Hometown: Knoxville, Tennessee

University/Year/ Major: Belmont/Sophomore/Music Business and Video Production

Favorite place: Salzburg, Austria

Walk up song: Uptown Funk

Guilty Pleasure: Laying on the incredibly soft carpet I have in my dorm room whilst blasting the Beach Boys on my record player.

How do you take your mocha [coffee]? I will drink practically any coffee you put in front of me, but my favorite is probably iced coffee with creamer.

Nashville Bucket List: See as many concerts as possible (I have still yet to see one at the Bridgestone or go to the Bluebird Café, so those are two musts), visit Cheekwood Botanical Gardens, go inside the Parthenon, and tour the Tennessee State Capitol building.

Why are you excited about interning with the Mocha Club? I’m extremely excited to intern at the Mocha Club because I have a passion for Africa and the people there. I have been to South Africa twice and will always cherish my time there and the relationships I was able to make. I love the work the Mocha Club is doing because giving up the cost of a couple mochas a month is something anyone can do. People who have wanted to make a difference but didn’t think they could because they do not have thousands of dollars or time to take a trip halfway across the world, now can. I can’t wait to see what this semester has in store!

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