What does 3 tons of potatoes look like?

“It’s like stirring a pot of gravel mixed with tar…only it tastes good in the end!” says one Mocha Club volunteer who tried to help these women stir the nsima at Lizulu Orphan Care Project. Nsima is to a Malawian diet what grits are to a southerner. It’s grain based, can be seasoned and is often served alongside a protein or vegetable dish. This one pot served 80-100, and included a side of kale, tomatoes, and onions grown in the garden at Lizulu!

Fly over to the DRC, and you get this amazing shot of 3.3 tons of potatoes, all grown and harvested with the help of the orphans at Flame of Love Orphanage in Goma. They recently started their on-site agricultural program which teaches the children a marketable skill that can earn a living one day. But even before they grow up, the are literally reaping the rewards of their work.

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