Mochatern Monday : 03.09.15



Hello there, happy Monday!

I cannot believe it is already March (not sure how that happened) and soon it will be May, which means it’ll be time for Ellie’s Run. Over the past few weeks a lot of work and preparation has commenced for the race and it is getting me pumped for race day!

I have been at the Mocha Club since October and one of my favorite things about coming in to the office is Wednesday morning staff meeting. We have a time of devotional and often an outside speaker will come in to lead us in this and share their story. One of my favorite stories from these meetings was that of Ellie Ambrose and how her dream of helping children in Africa receive an education became a reality.

Last week I made several phone calls to other races happening in the Nashville area before Ellie’s Run to see about putting a registration flyer for Ellie’s Run in their race packet to spread the word about the event. I was blown away by how willing to help a lot of the people I talked to were. A lot of them were well aware of Ellie’s Run and the work the Mocha Club does, and a couple of them had even run the race in previous years!

All this to say I am beyond excited for May 16th, I cannot wait to run alongside other people who share a common desire to make an impact in Africa and further Ellie’s dream that she had when she was only 10 years old.

If you would like to join me and help support the Mocha Club’s educational partner New Dawn Educational Center in Kenya you can register for the race at, early bird registration ends March 16th!


Have a marvelous, mocha-filled week!



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