Meet Willy. He wants to be a builder.

Meet Willy. He wants to be a builder.

Today’s story comes from Flame of Love orphanage in Goma, Congo. You remember…the place where we’ve worked to put in a water tank, a new kitchen and new dorms. We could summarize his life, but we’ll let Willy share what he’s seen and experienced all by the age of 9. In just two weeks, a team from Mocha Club will visit Willy and the kids at Flame of Love in Goma. They’re starting a pilot project to help kids like Willy make sense of the violence and abandonment they have experienced, so that they can lead a healthier life.



My name is Willy Hakiza, aged of 9 years.

I was born at Kirumbu/ Masisi. My father was a soldier. When he went to the war fitting, he died there after couple of days. My mum died too, so I stayed with my elder brothers. Then the war arose in our area, and the four brothers died during the war when I was 3rd year old. So all people run away going in the camp at Mugunga, Goma . Myself I got lost without knowing where to go and where to live.

God is greater, he is the one who sent someone to take me to his house for few days, then he sent me to his sister where I suffered too much, sleep in bad conditions and eat badly, be sick no treatment. When the man passed there to see my situation, he felt sorrow and I was taken to orphanage.

I say thanks to be in the orphanage. I am eating, sleeping nicely, to be given the clothes and I go to school without know who is paying my fees to me. I am in primary school in 4th class.

In Flame of Love, I have 3 friends whom we walk together, sharing what we get and play with them after coming back from school.

My dream is when I grow up wish to be a builder.



We believe in the dignity of each of our partners as made in the likeness of God, and as such, uphold the highest standards in representing their stories.  Practically, this means that we retain the authenticity of their stories as shared with us from the field, including language, photography, and opinions expressed.  All stories and photos shared carry the expressed approval those featured.

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