Hopping a Plane to Ethiopia Post-Graduation

What gives you the confidence to say, “Yeah! I can do that!” Eric, a recent Belmont University grad, found that “umph” after his trip to Ellilta in Ethiopia a few weeks ago. With a degree in finance, he is helping Ellilta strengthen its business practices. Which means, he dabbled in dollars and cents, but also in Internet marketing to reach tourists looking for local souvenirs, using technology to share documents, and long-term strategic business planning aimed at, one day, growing Ellilta to other locations.

“I love working with Ellilta because I get to wear so many hats,” says Eric. “Plus, that positivity of women who have so little, but are so happy, is something I just want to be part of.”

As an added benefit, Eric’s trip, which was his second time to Ellilta, meant he connected with the staff on a personal level, way before ever diving into the business details. “I was greeted with open arms,” he says.

Stay tuned to our blog for more to come on Eric’s work with Ellilta, which continues now that he’s back in the States.

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