He can help because he’s been there

Mayo is 23. But he’ll never forget his childhood. His father was killed during the Rwandan war. He fled to Congo as a refugee. His home was burned and all his family’s belongings taken. His relatives killed by machete. Believe it or not, there’s an upside to this tragedy. He still has faith in God who, as he says, “gives me the heart to love his word. In each kind of circumstance, the word strengthens and encourages us to know there is a God who loves and has a good plan for us.”

“In fact,” he continues, “I have great joy and God blessed me with a compassionate heart to help and to love those who grow up as I did and those who are in the same conditions.”

So Mayo is helping guide the children we told you about in Goma, who have lost parents, seen unspeakable violence and been abandoned and abused. He’s being trained to counsel them and help them realize that they matter. Their lives make a difference and are worth so much to their communities and to God.

We hate that Mayo experienced what he did. But we love that he’s using it to help others in a way that only he and people with his background can.

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