HEKO believes in every life

In Kenya, 1 in 5 teens has sex before age 15. Nearly 10,000 young adults died of HIV/AIDS in a year. That’s why HEKO is so important. Believing every life matters, they are working with these young adults to keep them healthy, educate them about the risks they can avoid to reduce their chance of getting HIV+, and what to do if they are.

From April – June of this year, HEKO:

  • Helped 38 women gain occupational skills and go through group counseling, all while keeping on anti-retroviral medication (ARVs) to keep them healthy.
  • Gave food to 57 more people who are HIV+ and taking ARVs to keep healthy.
  • Taught 57 people about ways to stop the spread of AIDS through the “Prevention with Positives” program.
  • Provided 123 people with sports and recreational activities, as well as group therapy, to help them cope with their disease.

This is hard work. So many organizations around the world are combatting the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Cheers to Peter and his team for so directly impacting the lives of people learning how to live with their disease.

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