No one got Ebola and malaria is down 50%

We’ve shared that the water well you funded in Sierra Leone was that community’s ONLY source of clean water during the Ebola outbreak. Well, the one-year evaluation of the project is in, and the results are amazing. First off, not a single Ebola case was recorded in the community, partly due to the presence of this well. That means that nearly 550 school kids could get fresh water. When they came back to school after the Ebola hiatus, they were able to keep clean with water from the well and chlorine tablets and soap from the government.

In addition, 225 community families are accessing the well on a regular basis, and 70% of those families are practicing better hygiene because the well is so close.

And it’s the people who use it who are maintaining it and making sure it works. Even during the height of Ebola, they constructed a high perimeter fence with a padlock to keep the water well safe. Local leaders on the ground said this was necessary because rumors circulated that people were purposefully infecting wells with the deadly virus.

Finally, malaria cases decreased by 50% as a result of bed nets and the well.

We could not have asked for a better outcome, and look forward to seeing the community continue to invest in its well, and possibly even help other communities nearby dig a well.

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