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Becca Bradley Press Shot  WHITEI am so excited to be linking arms with the Mocha Club as an artist sponsor! The fact that God could use my music and ministry to change the lives of people in need across the globe is truly overwhelming. I’ll never forget the first time I heard some of the stories of the women that Mocha Club reaches through their Economic Freedom program in Nazaret, Ethiopia. Countless women and children in Nazaret are forced into lives of prostitution as a desperate attempt to get out of poverty, but it becomes a vicious cycle that slowly eats away at their dignity.  Mocha Club comes alongside these women to provide spiritual, emotional and psychological counseling and to help them find alternate means of income to support them and their families.   When I heard the stories of these women, and when I saw their beautiful faces, I knew I had to do something.  For the cost of just a few lattes or mochas a month, you could change the lives of some amazing women who are so deserving of a chance at life and freedom.  Please take a few minutes out of your day to pray about joining me and the Mocha Club in our quest to restore hope and dignity to the least of these.  –Becca


Bring hope, restore dignity and change lives for $18 a month.

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Use the Promo Code: BECCA to receive a FREE SCARF made by the women in Ethiopia when you join.


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