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Our team at Mocha Club loves working and living in Nashville, Tennessee – a place known for it’s community and the inspiration from it’s members. These individuals are the best in their craft and we want to share them with you!  This blog series features locals that inspire us through their unique/beautiful/innovative…we could go on and on..approach to life, business and community.  We love their businesses and  want to showcase them in this new series – where simply,  we want to inspire others by what inspires us.

Zen Pig Love w: Stanza

What motivated you to start your book, and how has it grown since it began?

When my wife and I had our first child, Noble, I wanted desperately to guide him away from many of the mistakes I’d made and toward virtues like gratitude, mindfulness, and compassion – ideas and practices that have changed my life radically for the better. But once I was submerged in children’s media (like all parents eventually are), there wasn’t really anything I could present to him that nurtured those seeds.  So much of children’s media revolves around being a prince, or a princess, living in a castle, or being in a mystical land, there’s definitely a place for that, it’s not a knock.  But “Zen Pig” is here to show kids that you don’t have to be a princess, or a prince, or live in a castle to be happy; and that you don’t have to escape to a fairy tale land – there is infinite beauty and wonder to discover in THIS world in THIS moment.

How has the Nashville community embraced your business?

I want to be completely clear about this, I am utterly blown away, honored, and humbled by how much support Nashville has given the “Zen Pig” series and myself.  Local residents and retailers are the reason “Zen Pig” is still here and it’s success is all theirs.

What’s the story behind the name, “Zen Pig”?

The title of the series, and name of the main character is simply a testament to the philosophy it teaches and the result of mindful living; peace, serenity, and resilient happiness.

What is unique about your books, and what inspires them?

There is no deficit of children’s books, that’s for sure.  But I think “Zen Pig” has begun to stand out due to it’s focus on ideals that all parents wish for their children, minimalist design, and very specific philanthropic cause which teaches children the joy of giving.  Also, people seem to really enjoy the way the books feel, which I think is funny because I said the same thing when I received my first copy for approval!

Tell us about the good you are doing and your partnerships with local missions?

All the good that is manifesting from “Zen Pig” is 100% because of the readers and retailers, not me.  Releasing less than 5 months ago, THEY have already provided over 8000 people clean water for 1 year…it’s unbelievable.  I could not be more grateful – truly.  African Leadership and Mocha Club has been such a tremendous partner in all of this.  The difference between this non-profit and the many of the others we had considered partnering with is astounding.  They have provided transparency, support, and incredible kindness!


**Give to clean water now and buy Zen Pig at!

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