Mochatern Monday : 10.19.15

Hello, Mocha Club!

It’s been so fun to follow along with Lana’s posts on the  Mochatern blog! It’s Annabelle this week, and I’m going to fill you in more on what I have been doing so far this semester as a @Mochatern. I am the Artist Relations intern, so I work with the Mocha Club team to get our artists ready for their tours as well as supporting them along the way. I really enjoy the administrative work that this often entails.



Before I tell you about what I have been loving so far about this internship, I’d like to tell you a little bit about why I was drawn to Mocha Club in the first place. This is Florence Layet.

She is a beautiful, strong, Ugandan woman whom I have been lucky enough to call my friend for the past eight years. We wrote letters for a couple years, and now we communicate through email. Many of her family members were killed due to war in Uganda, yet she remains resilient. Talking with her about faith and life in Africa is what first sparked my interest for the continent. I heard about Mocha Club last year through friends at Belmont who are members, and I decided that I would love to get involved in order to learn more about Africa and my role in meeting needs of people there.


Through my work at Mocha Club, I have been able to apply my desire to make a difference in the lives of people in Africa. All it took for me was getting to know one person in order to get on the path to improving lives of Africa’s people. I feel that this coincides well with Mocha Club’s concept of small sacrifices making a big difference because small steps can lead to huge impact. My one step into a friendship with Florence helped lead me to where I am today, making a difference here at Mocha Club.


One of my favorite things I do at Mocha Club is to tag and organize the merchandise. It is so fun for me to see new designs and provide my input on future designs. The team here at Mocha Club has been so incredibly welcoming, and I have grown through their guidance. Even seemingly tedious tasks can be enjoyable here because each task leads to a future good. Whether it’s jazz playing from one of the computers or an excursion to Krispy Kreme to celebrate National Coffee Day, there is always something to make me smile here.

Now for something to make you smile…we have new merch in the Mocha Club Store! I really love the new t-shirts, and if you join Mocha Club or invite a friend to join, we will send you one of these new t-shirts for FREE as a “thank you”!


Lastly, have you heard the exciting news?! Would you like to SEE how your participation in Mocha Club makes an impact in Africa? The Mocha Club Journey trip this summer is a great way to see that firsthand. You can apply now!

Thanks for reading!


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