Be Inspired: Stephen Rose with The Peach Truck

Our team at Mocha Club loves working and living in Nashville, Tennessee – a place known for its community and the inspiration from its members. These individuals are the best in their craft and we want to share them with you!  This blog series features locals that inspire us through their unique/beautiful/innovative…we could go on and on..approach to life, business and community.  We love their businesses and  want to showcase them in this new series – where simply,  we want to inspire others by what inspires us.


Stephen Rose :: The Peach Truck

What motivated you to start your business, and how has it grown since it began?

The Peach Truck was started out of a natural problem. I grew up in Peach County, GA, which is where Georgia Peaches are grown. That meant eating fresh peaches right off the tree every summer. Moving to Nashville, I figured we’d have some good peach options during the summer being just a state away. That wasn’t the case at all. I needed to figure out how to get my hometown’s peaches to Nashville. It started as a small side business my wife and I ran, and has now grown to 50 employees during the summer. The vision hasn’t changed, though. Get Fresh Georgia Peaches to people right off the tree, and create an incredible experience while doing so.

How has the Nashville community embraced your business?

I couldn’t imagine a more welcoming community to start a business. From the chefs who put us on their menu, to the shop owners who allow us to set up, to the community who supports us by buying our peaches, it’s been a remarkable experience. Nashville wrapped its arms around us from the beginning. We couldn’t be more grateful.

Is there any way that your business has given back, to the community or in some other way?

We work with a couple food banks in Nashville to make sure that our peaches get to folks who wouldn’t otherwise have access to them. It’s hard to believe, but our town has areas that are literal food deserts, with no access to fresh produce. To be able to donate our top quality peaches to people who don’t have access to fruits and vegetables the way most of us do is an incredible honor.

What is special about the way you sell peaches and how it brings community together?

We always strive to create a memorable experience. Everyone who works with us does so because the believe in what we do and they’re passionate about our product. We’re always collaborating with restaurants and companies around town that we align with. Everything we do strives to celebrate summer and what it means to so many. We hope when people think about summer in Nashville, they think about The Peach Truck.

Where does all of your peaches come from and why do you buy from them?

We are the Nashville arm of Pearson Farm. I’ve known the family that runs the farm my entire life, and we developed the idea of The Peach Truck together. For them, they wanted someone who would treat their peaches the same way they do. It’s almost tragic that they can prune the trees perfectly, thin the peaches perfectly, pick them at the perfect time, and a grocery store who gets them holds on to them for too long and they develop that mealy taste grocery store peaches are known for. It’s much too hard of work to let that happen. We make sure our customers get the peaches within a couple of days of being picked, which is a logistical nightmare, but it’s the only way for people to taste the same peach I did when I was growing up. It’s truly a match made in heaven.

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