Full Circle


  I absolutely LOVE the nonprofit Mocha Club and everything they stand for. I first heard about Mocha Club ages ago at a Matt Wertz concert… My freshman year of college, the fall of ’08, a few of my friends and I roadtripped from Athens, Georgia to Chattanooga, Tennessee to see Matt Wertz in concert. It was so fun- he always puts on an amazing show! He spoke about Mocha Club and what it meant to him during intermission, and I knew I just had to join.

  Fast forward to that summer. I was back home in Nashville and wanted to get an internship and give back to my community… so where did I land? At Mocha Club, of course! I was a part of that very first intern group, and it was a complete blast. To this day I will never forget one of the first things I did at Mocha Club… I was in a room with Barrett Ward, founder of Mocha Club and FashionABLE, and he wanted to narrow down the project areas and clarify their focus. So we sat there, discussed, prayed, and finalized the maybe 6-7 project areas down to the 5 that still remain today. It was such a great moment, and I felt so humbled to be included in that lasting decision. Hearing his heart behind each one of the projects was moving and made me even more impassioned for their cause.

  As an intern at Mocha Club, we created the Campus Rep program. So, naturally, as I transitioned back to campus life at the University of Georgia, I also became one of the first campus reps. I set up booths all over the place and championed Mocha Club’s message. I spoke a fraternity and sorority chapter meetings, and even had a leadership team. At the first ever Mocha Club meeting, my boyfriend of just a week at the time (now husband), was the only male to attend. (When I learned that he was already a Mocha Club member, joining at a Micah Dalton concert around the same time I joined, I just knew he was a winner!)

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We recently got to volunteer with Mocha Club at a Dave Barnes + Matt Wertz concert in Atlanta, where we now call home. It was a complete full circle moment for us. We were crazy and signed up knowing we would have a 6-week old baby at home. We were exhausted, but oh so thankful to continue to partner with Mocha Club. Thank you to those of you who give to Mocha Club- know that your dollars are well spent: jobs are created, bellies are filled, thirst is quenched, and love is shared.

Written by: Caroline Fausel

**Interested in volunteering with the Mocha Club? Email info@themochaclub.org!

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