Mochatern Monday 02.22.16 : #ExtraDay2Give

Happy Monday, Mocha Club!

I hope that everyone got a little bit of sunshine over the weekend! Spring hasn’t sprung quite yet, but we’re getting there. And, I hope we all are taking advantage of the discount, leftover, Valentine’s chocolate that is bulging off of the shelves at the grocery store. Stock up!

Today, I wanted to take a little time to talk about Mocha Club’s Extra Day to Give, and the idea of truly taking advantage of all of the time that we are given.

Leap years are fascinating, aren’t they? They’re one of those events that become sort of special, because they only occur every now and then within a long-term, cyclical pattern. The same anticipation occurs alongside similarly timed events, such as the summer Olympics or presidential elections. These, much like leap years, would lose their luster if they occurred, let’s say, yearly. We would be used to 366 day years and a new president every twelve months. So, I think it’s kind of fascinating that every fourth February we have an extra day of the year.

Aren’t we all a little out of our minds, thinking about time? More time to sleep. More time to spend with family. More time in the morning to get dressed. More time exercise. More time to actually do the things we planned to do. We get so caught up thinking about all the time we don’t have, that we end up wasting time by thinking about it. It’s crazy. Sometimes I get very infatuated with the concept of being immortal, living forever. I’m frankly unable to fathom the idea of unlimited time, because the term is such an oxymoron. I mean, take a moment and think about the idea of just existing. Looming. You’re not going anywhere, there is no ending, and the world will keep turning, and turning forever. Freaky, right? The idea of never ending. Are you running back into the arms of the construct of time? I am.

I think we often characterize time as a negative thing, when really it is quite beautiful, the gift of time. Time is essentially life, if you have time, then you have life. I realize that for a lot of us, the scariest thing about time is that is given to each of us in unknown quantities. In other words, we all have time, but we don’t know how much. Yes, this is sort of frightening, but it’s also good. If we knew how much time we had, we would just live in the anticipation of an ending, rather than living to simply live. The fact that we don’t know has the ability to make us more aware, make us more focus, make us realize what we should but time into and what we shouldn’t. The unknowingness of time has the power to push us to do great things, because if not now, then when? There may come a time when we are unable to do things that we want, so the unknown pushes of to take advantage of every, little moment we are given.

Time is really such a beautiful thing. Time is a motivator. Time is that voice in our heads that tells us to go after the things we want. To sit in the driver’s seat of our own lives. Time is your friend.

And, so, as we inch closer to February 29th, and closer to the rarity that is an extra, specific amount of time, we can allow ourselves the ability to ruminate on the idea of time, on the idea of our own time. What we choose to give or what we choose to do can stand as an example for things that we can do each day, things that will make us realize how precious and sacred our lives really are, and how very much the way we choose to spend our time is up to us. How can we live more authentically, more dutifully? How can we make all of our time count?

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” There you go. Everything I was just trying to say in less than 50 words.

Will you join us on February 29th to take the time to do something for someone else?

Use February 29th, 2016 as an extra opportunity to do good. Provide hope to someone else, be positive, give, impact! The opportunities to care for others are endless. Take advantage of your extra day and it could be the best day for someone else.

You were given all the time that you need. Seize it!


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