A Look into Lizulu

If you’ve been part of Mocha Club for while, you’re not new to our orphan care project, Lizulu Orphan Care in Malawi. In 2015 alone, we have supported 500 orphaned children who have found a home at the orphanage. There are six centers total at Lizulu.

Ever wonder what a life for an orphan at Lizulu looks like? It goes above just providing a safe place to be – they take on a holistic approach that meets their needs mind, body, and soul:

Feeding Program

The survival, health, and growth of the orphans at Lizulu is of the up-most importance.  All the orphans at the facility are provided with food 4 days a week and these meals are strategically planned for health & defense against malnutrition.

Monday                  Nsima (Malawian staple food) with beans and vegetables.

Tuesday                  Nsima taken with vegetables mainly.

Thursday                Rice taken with beef alternating with eggs weekly.

Friday                     Nsima with beans and vegetables.


As we know, education is essential for a life free from poverty. Children who are of primary school age attend classes for free – the government in Malawi provides free schooling for all primary attendees. Lizulu provides school uniforms, notebooks and pens and pencils. At the secondary level, those orphans who attend secondary school and high school are provided with school fees, uniforms, stationery, mathematical instruments. And those students who attend other schools are provided transportation to the institutions. Lastly, the orphans are offered a scholarship to continue their education as teachers.

There have been multiple orphans who have grown up and show their thanks to Lizulu by becoming a volunteer at the centers. They are so thankful to be able to give back to the place that brought them back to life.

Medical Care

Lizulu partners with a local medical center that takes care of all the needs of children who become sick or need emergency assistance.  Recently, the orphanage was provided with funds to buy a truck in order for easy transportation to the medical center when a child falls ill from Malaria or other sicknesses.


The children also have participated ina farming during the growing season for maize.  They would take part in activities like tilling, planting, weeding and even harvesting and shelling. This was also a great time for the orphans to work together and build friendships from the different centers.

Sports Activities

Physical activity is also important to a thriving life for a kid. During this time, the kids enjoy organizing football games against one another.

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Without YOUR support, Mocha Club wouldn’t be able to provide kids with basic life essentials like food, education, and medical care. Please continue to support Lizulu with us so we are able to see 500 more children cared for year after year.

Ask a friend to join you!

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